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At Infinite Academics, we offer a specialized approach to SAT preparation that's tailored to support students of all backgrounds and learning preferences. Our unique methods are crafted to ensure success for each individual. Curious about what sets us apart from other tutoring services? Click on the video to hear directly from one of our students and learn about the distinct advantages of choosing Infinite Academics.

Follow Our Process

We have designed a three-step process for SAT success. Take a look at our methodology below.


The first step in our process is an initial evaluation, where students take a diagnostic exam. This allows us to assess their current understanding of SAT content, highlighting strengths and identifying areas for improvement.


Content and Practice

The second step is focused on content and practice. Following the initial diagnostic exam, parents and instructors collaboratively determine the most effective course of action for the student. Whether the preference is for online or in-person sessions, we offer six main tailored approaches, detailed below. This stage involves instructors providing a rich array of content and guiding students on the best ways to utilize and practice this material effectively.



The third step is execution. By this stage, we have equipped students with all the tools and strategies they need to succeed on the SAT. It is now up to the student to apply what they have learned from us on test day, utilizing the techniques and knowledge to achieve their best possible score.


Our Six Tailored Approaches

We offer six specialized approaches, rigorously tested by experienced instructors with proven student outcomes. Our offerings include comprehensive remote study options and in-person tutoring services, both supplemented with all necessary materials. We are committed to accommodating your preferred learning method to meet your educational needs.

Our “Cheat The SAT Books,” developed over several years by CEO and master tutor Jonathan Milman and distinguished co-authors, are now available for purchase on-site and on Amazon. These guides feature comprehensive content and optimal strategies for maximum success, including practice exams to refine your skills. Ideal for independent study, these books are also crucial to our teaching methodology in all in-person settings.

Our AI-powered online course offers personalized tutoring tailored to your strengths and weaknesses, available through a monthly subscription with the first month free. Though the course is online, you’re not alone; you’ll have access to our team’s support, explanatory videos, instructor messages, and more. It’s the ideal mix of independent and assisted learning.

Ran out of the official College Board digital SAT exams? We understand the limitation, as only six are publicly available. To address this, we’ve partnered with a leading edtech company to offer our students an exclusive set of 25 SAT exams, spanning various difficulty levels, to ensure thorough preparation. These exams are available for purchase at $100 but are included free of charge for all our current students.

Join our SAT group class for an intensive 8-week program designed to enhance your skills through comprehensive content and continuous progress assessments. The course starts with an evaluation to place students into either beginner or advanced sections. This is followed by focused content review and practice, with periodic exams to monitor progress. The final phase is execution, where we solidify our full confidence in our students’ abilities to succeed.

Explore our semi-private lessons, ideal for those who prefer learning in a smaller group setting. You can form your own group or be placed in one, ensuring a personalized and collaborative learning environment. This format is perfect for students who thrive on both individual attention and the dynamic exchange of ideas. Engage with the material, challenge concepts, and collaborate with peers, all under the guidance of our expert instructors. This approach blends focused instruction with the benefits of group interaction.

Explore our private lessons, tailored for students seeking a one-on-one learning experience. These sessions provide personalized attention, allowing you to delve deeply into the material at your own pace. This format is ideal for students who benefit from a focused environment where concepts can be explored thoroughly and individual challenges addressed directly. Under the guidance of our expert instructors, you’ll receive customized instruction that targets your specific needs, maximizing your learning potential and ensuring progress in your studies.